October 4th, 2017.

Muito Romântico is back to the big screen in Berlin!

We are happy to announce the pre-sale of tickets for Muito Românticos Premiere on October 12th at 7:30 pm at Wolf Kino. The seats are limited, so get your tickets now at Wolf's website.

The schedule of screenings throughout October and very special events will be announced as we go. Keep updated on Facebook and on Distruktur's website.



July 24th, 2017.

view on Instagram


July 7th to 23rd, 2017.

an exhibition by Distruktur at Cafuné
Innstraße 32 - 12045 - Berlin-Neukölln

Exhibition view (main space) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur

Exhibition view (basement) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur

Exhibition view (darkroom) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur


Sunday, July 23th 2017

18h30 - 21h

the exhibition will be open to visitation for the last time, the artists will be present


Filmperformance: 2x16mm, live music, ca.15 min

Navegação (Navigation) is a rock concert accompanied by a flow of images. Two 16mm projectors, filters, music instruments, voice and noise.
A ship sailing over a sea of shapes, colors and textures - a moving body.

All footage was shot on 16mm and processed and printed by Distruktur at LaborBerin e.V.
Tests, home and voyage movies, animations and fragments are combined reflecting different aspects of an experimental research on analogue film techniques.

Facebook event here.

3rd week / time flies

Wednesday, July 19th' 2017.


Thursday, July 13th' 2017

a Distruktur film program
in the occasion of FRAMIN’


the exhibition will be open to visitation one hour longer, the artists will be present


Video projection


16mm transferred to video | Russia, Germany, Brazil | 40min | 2011
A woman goes alone through the streets of Moscow, getting on and off subway trains and underground passages on her way to a meeting that includes a screening of a film about a cat. And that's it; or so it is for those who believe the plot is the best part of cinema. The Jahn-Dullius duet makes an enigmatic film between abstraction and trance. Because as they search for that visual purity that's historically connected to experimental cinema--equally far from theatrical as from the written word-- they leave one thing clear: cinema is all about images.



16mm projection


16mm | optical sound | Germany | 6min | 2012
Don´t Look Back is an exercise on repetition and a study on the changes that are perceived by the systematic return to the same environment.
Scrambling time and space: a path that begins at its end or in the middle. A force that manifests itself in 3 different forms, in the bodies of 3 different women.


16mm | optical sound | Lithuania, Germany, Brazil | 20min | 2013
The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape.
In this place there's also another presence, someone who's very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?


16mm | Silent | Germany | 2min30s | 2013
FOTOKINO is a transposition of 35mm slides, taken by the filmmakers during a period of 10 years, into 16mm film.

In the traveler's heart, 2013, 16mm frame, © Distruktur


July 7th, 2017.

exhibition opening

The exhibition happens as an ocuppation where the artist duo Distruktur moves temporarily to Cafuné to install a series of works that experiment with ways of framing - strategies to capture, reproduce and amplify layers of space and time.

The works, produced over the last 10 years, take form as slide and film projections, light installations, film sculptures, objects and filmesperformance.
Reenacment of life blends with fictional realities in collages and assemblages that oscilate between figurative and abstract, ethereal and concrete, image(s) and narrative(s).
Frames are spacetime capsules, in which experience is inlayed.
Frames migrate from one medium to another, transforming themselves and the space around them.

Friday, July 7th, 20017 - Opening

July 23rd Finissage with Filmesperformance

More about the events and works at the exhibition will be updated here.


June 30th, 2017.

ensemble mosaik celebrates 20 years with two days of concerts in Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin. Distruktur is happy to take part on this celebration after 5 years of fruitfull collaboration with this extraordinary musicians.

For more information, please visit ensemble mosaik's website and the event on Facebook.


June 30th, 2017.

We are once more participating at the auslands-filme series. SHE TALES is a program presenting 13 films from the women in LaborBerlin.

ORAÇÃO AO TEMPO was prepared specially for this occasion. Shot by Melissa in Brazil, the film was processed and printed by Distruktur at LaborBerlin.

Oração ao Tempo
Melissa Dullius
7 min 30s, 16mm, live sound, work in progress
The film invites to the observation of relatives and friends portrayed by the filmmaker in Brazil.
Dedicated to time, three survivors and one misunderstanding.


June 25th, 2017.

From June 23rd to 25th, during the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln, the installation PUPPENHAUS marked the beginning of our collaboration with the temporary project space Cafuné this Summer.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Cafuné (@cafune.projectspace) am


May 25th, 2017.

Distruktur has now two films at the Ursula Blickle Archiv in Vienna: Don't Look Back / Labirinto, and Cat Effekt.
Watch them online!



About the video archive:
Since its establishment the Ursula Blickle Video Archive has seen itself as a model for the promotion and visualization of contemporary video art. Aware of the exceptional value of this collection, the Belvedere has undertaken to maintain it, make it accessible, and promote its study. The 21er Haus in particular sets itself the task of researching, communicating, and making public the developments in this art concept and its interdisciplinary ramifications. The content will be enlarged through work with the archive and with young video artists. The visibility of the archive and its establishment within the international research environment will be ensured through international cooperation with other video archives. It is a living and growing collection of moving images for students, art historians, and members of the public interested in studying and researching this medium. It is hoped in this way to achieve a symbiosis between theory and practice, research and collection.


June 1st, 2017.

Na semana de 1° a 7 de junho, Muito Romântico segue em cartaz em 15 cidades de norte a sul do Brasil!

• Aracaju
Cine Vitória – 17:40 (sexta)

• Belo Horizonte
Cinema Belas Artes – 19:30 (quarta)

• Brasília
Espaço Itaú Cinema Brasília – 19:30 (quarta)

• Curitiba
Cine Guarani – 19:00 (quinta a domingo)
Cineplex Novo Batel – 17:35 (diariamente)
Espaço Itaú de Cinema Curitiba – 19:30 (quarta)

• Fortaleza
Cinema do Dragão – 20:00 (sexta, domingo e quarta)

• Goiânia
Cine Cultura – 20:30 (diariamente)

• João Pessoa
Cinespaço Mag Shopping – 19:30 (quarta)

• Palmas
Cine Cultura – 21:00 (quinta, sexta e quarta) | 18:00 (sábado, domingo e quarta)

• Porto Alegre
Cine Bancários – 17:00 (diariamente)
Espaço Itaú Porto Alegre – 19:30 (quarta)

• Recife
Cinema São Luiz – 18:15 (quinta, sábado e terça) | 14:45 (sexta) | 14:30 (domingo)
Cinema do Museu – 20:00 (quinta e terça)

• Rio Branco
Cine Teatro Recreio – 18:00 (diariamente)

• Rio de Janeiro
Espaço Itaú de Cinema Botafogo – 19:30 (diariamente)

• Salvador
Espaço Itaú Glauber Rocha – 19:30 (quarta)

• Santos
Cinespaço Miramar – 19:30 (quarta)

• São Paulo
Caixa Belas Artes – 21:30 (diariamente)
Espaço Itaú Augusta – 19:30 (diariamente)

Confira o trailer:

Saiba mais sobre a Sessão Vitrine Petrobrás visitando o site:

No Facebook:


May 20th, 2017.

We are delighted to announce Muito Romântico's release in Brazilian cinemas. Our film is one of the 15 productions presented by Vitrine Filmes in selected movie theaters from North to South: Rio Branco, Maceió, Fortaleza, Brasília, Vitória, Goiânia, São Luís, João Pessoa, Recife, Teresina, Curitiba, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Aracaju, São Paulo are among the cities where the film will be screened.

Distruktur will be presenting the sessions and meeting the audience for a Q&A in May 25th in São Paulo and 26th in Porto Alegre.

For more information (in Portuguese) please visit:

For the complete program in all cities:

If you are on Facebook, help to spread the word following the pages:


January 30th, 2017.

Again we will be teaching an analogue film course in Salzburg in the summer:
14.08.2017 – 26.08.2017
Medium/Media: 16mm film
Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish

What to bring: If available: 16mm camera, light meter, tripod. 16mm cameras with accessories are available for use on site; film material and developing chemicals are available at cost price.

Requirements: Willingness to work in groups



January 26th, 2017.


January 7-10th: Distruktur in Vienna

In Love WITH FILM # 1

a 4-day program with screening, a film-performance evening and a workshop on colour processing.

Thank you filmkoop wien for the invitation.
Saturday 7.1.
Navigation 2 x 16mm, Color / B&W, Live sounds, 10-12min
Filme de Pedra : 1 x 16mm, B&W, Live sounds, 20-25min

Doors: 6 pm Start: 7 pm filmkoop wien Wickenburggasse 15/3/1b

Facebook Event
Sunday, 8.1, 3 pm
Film screening:
Blickle Kino, 21erHaus Quartier Belvedere, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien
in Kooperation mit dem Ursula-Blickle-Videoarchiv

Facebook Event


9 +10.1 Monday & Tuesday
NEGATIVLAND: color processing workshop @ filmkoop wien

IN LOVE WITH FILM #1 is realized through the support of BKA Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.


October 26th, 2016.


October 24th, 2016.

16mm frames of the 13 films made by the students of Distruktur's class Film as a sensitive body / Film als empfindsamer Körper (with co-teacher Viktoria Schmid) during the Salzburger Sommerakademie - August 2016

The following text was written and read by participant Julian Kamil as an introduction to the 3 presentations of the films in Salzburg.

"In our class we worked with 16 mm film. For most of us it was a first contact with this medium. In the two week course we realized 13 short films by 10 participants of the course. To put your idea for a film into life – you have to work collectively. We worked in three groups, parallelly: two groups shooting on locations and one group developing films in the darkroom. We used cameras: Kinor and Krasnogorsk, and negative or reversal 16 mm films, depending on the project.
Working with film camera requires that you rely on optics and light measurements – not so much on what you see with your eyes. And the result cannot be seen immediately. In the second phase you develop the film in the darkroom. You follow the sequence of baths, the accurate time of each bath, the proper temperature of chemical developers. Only when the film is exposed you can see it. And continue working on editing and postproduction, mechanical or chemical.
Film is a sensitive body. It is sensitive to light but also sensitive in the sense of 'fragile'. It can be easily damaged, jammed, overexposed or burnt.
In the name of our class participants – big thank you to our teachers Distruktur – Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn and our coteacher Viktoria Schmid for all their work, knowledge, efforts and energies. We would like to thank to the technical team for all the support."

Hossam Dirar

VIDRIO 55kg m2
Alba Foguel

Kamil Julian

Hajnalka Tulisz

Elisabeth Hamberger

Robert Waldmann

Anna Margit Erber

Anna Margit Erber

Ilona Schneider

Ilona Schneider

Masha Matzke

Markus Maicher

Markus Maicher


July 31st, 2016.

Muito Romântico won a Special Award from the Jury at MFF T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty / Films on Art International Competition. Congratulations to the whole team!


July 18th, 2016.

Stefan Solomon interviewed us for Senses of Cinema online journal. We spoke about our analogue filmmaking practice at LaborBerlin and our new film, Muito Romântico (playing at both Melbourne International Film Festival and MFF T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty over the next month).

To read click on the image or follow the link.


July 13th, 2016.

image: 16mm frame of MUITO ROMÂNTICO, detail of the painting DER WATZMANN from Caspar David Friedrich


July 9th, 2016.

Muito Romântico will be screened in the International Panorama Section of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).
At both screenings, on August 2nd and 7th, Muito Romântico is accompanied by the short film There is Land! by Ana Vaz.

"In this charming experimental feature, the life of young Brazilian couple new to Berlin takes on a strange dimension when a cosmic portal opens up in their apartment.

Drawing upon John Cassavetes' maxim that "love is a stream", film artists Gustavo Jahn and Melissa Dullius (aka Distruktur) mix autobiography and fantasy in this whimsical new non-narrative feature, assembled over a decade and shot on gorgeous 16mm to form a colourful tapestry of past, present and future.

Inspired to find a new space to make art and films, a young Brazilian couple board a red cargo ship and journey across the Atlantic, bound for the creative allure of Berlin. Their new apartment becomes the centre of an ever-changing creative universe, a kind of cinema of their own experience where friends and lovers play roles and reality and fiction blur. When an interdimensional portal opens up in their home, memories and dreams collide, challenging the film's own fabric of time and space."


July 7th, 2016.

We will finally return to Nida Art Colony in July with In the traveler's heart, shot in the winter of 2013 during an artistic residency to take part at the group exhibition HYBRID(...)SCAPES.
We will be present at the opening and will project the film in 16mm on this occasion.

For more information visit Nida Art Colony's website and the event on Facebook.


July 8th, 2016.

Muito Romântico will be screened at the end of July at the
Films on Art International Competition
16. NOWE HORYZONTY (IFF T-Mobile New Horizons) in Wroclaw, Poland.

"The soothing blue of the Atlantic and caustic red hull of a cargo ship: this color contrast establishes the framework for a new stage in the life of two Brazilian artists, Melissa and Gustavo, who are sailing to Europe on board a container ship. They live in a small apartment in Berlin that becomes a kind of cinematic laboratory, where a film fantasy is combined with personal experiences and their memories are infused with literature. Together with friends, they play different roles and stage scenes inspired by reality, thus blurring the line between truth and fiction. In Muito Romântico, which was shot on grainy 16 mm film, directors Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn have fun playing with their images and personal narratives, subjecting them to a certain artistic treatment. The material for their work comes from their life stories, their common journey, their life in Berlin, and their reflections about the changing city and emotional animosity. The result is an original hybrid somewhere between a documentary and a feature film. Surprising in terms of its surreal imagination, this spirit-filled, avant-garde kaleidoscope of ideas, images, and techniques, with pictures from private archives, is a miniature concert with the directors in the role of musicians, as well as a time-traveling teleportation device that takes audiences inside the walls of their apartment". (Marius Miklinski)


June 15th, 2016.

This Friday, June 17th, in Kino Arsenal, a work-in-progress version of a new short film by Distruktur will be presented as part of Analogue Zone Finale.

EL MERAYA (The Mirror)
Egypt/Germany, 2016, 23 min
Original format : 16mm
Screening format : prores

El Meraya reflects our short film Triangulum, made in 2008. Six years later, we went back to Cairo to make a new film, using the camera as a mirror to reveal how places and people, including ourselves, had changed with time.

Friday, June 17th
Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.
Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlim
Facebook event

And on Sunday, June 19th, at the same place and time, our short TRIANGULUM will be screened in a programme with 9 short films.

To read about the ANALOGUE ZONE FINALE event and the check the 4-day programme please visit:
LaborBerlin's Website

Help spread the word and be there!


May 21st, 2016.

The project DISTRUKTUR VISITS L'ETNA proposed by the independent filmmakers' laboratory L'Etna in collaboration with the experimental film distribution cooperative Collectif Jeune Cinéma, will introduce for the first time the work of DISTRUKTUR to the Paris audience through a series of three encounters:

1. The 16mm film processing workshop NEGATIVLAND at L'Etna on May 26th and 27th.

2. A screening of three of DISTRUKTUR's recent films, TRIANGULUM, CAT EFFEKT and IN THE TRAVELER'S HEART, at L'Etna, on May 28th.
Facebook Event

3. An evening of FILMESPERFORMANCE, which combined multiple 16mm film projection, live music, sounds and narration, presented in collaboration with Collectif Jeune Cinéma as part of the Rendez-Vouz Contemporains at the church Saint-Merry.
Facebook Event

We want to thank the initiator of this project Mariya Nikiforova and all members of L'Etna, Victor Gresard from Collectif Jeune Cinema, Ieva Kabasinskaite and Ville Piippo.
The project received a Travel Grant for Cultural Exchange from the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs.

The directors present the screening with Tomaž Burlin from L'Etna
Pic by Victor Gresard

Performing the piece NAVIGATION at Église Saint-Merri.
Pic by Victor Gresard

Gustavo Jahn and the participants of the NEGATIVLAND color negative processing workshop at L'Etna.
Pic by Melissa Dullius


April 29th, 2015.

In the month of May a program with four of our films will be in exhibition at

Starting next Monday, May 2nd until May 30th.
Berlinische Galerie is open from Wednesday to Monday from 10h to 18h
Closed on Tuesdays!

For more information about the films in exhibition click at the pictures below (in German and English).


Summer 2016


We are pleased to announce that DISTRUKTUR will be teaching the 2-week course FILM AS A SENSITIVE BODY in August in Salzburg, Austria.
This course will be a development of workshops we teached so far in Lithuania, Germany and Brazil.


"By taking part in FILM AS A SENSITIVE BODY the participants will be introduced to analogue film-making in an autonomous way, where they assume control over every aspect of moving-image-making, from conception to projection."
The complete description of the course can be read HERE



Note that the website has GERMAN and ENGLISH versions.

"The topic of transcultural exchange is implicit in the 2016 course programme, since teachers will be working together with students from more than fifty countries. The question is always how art can be defined and negotiated in a global world, and how the diverse historical, economic, social, cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds can be rendered productive. The teachers – all successful in the global art world as artists, critics or curators – can share their experience from Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, France, Ghana, Greece, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Spain, the USA and of course Germany and Austria."

Visit the website to know more about the ACADEMY and this year's COURSES and TEACHERS.


November 24th, 2015.

Book launch // Lançamento do livro




“Práticas Contemporâneas do Mover-se”, da editora Circuito, com organização de Michelle Sommer, é fruto de pesquisa curatorial que toma o movimento como impulso para proposições artísticas recentes na arte brasileira. Resultante da premiação pública Rumos Itaú Cultural 2013-2014, a curadora lança a pergunta a 10 duplas formadas por artistas e pesquisadores/curadores/críticos de arte: de que maneira o Mover-se afeta a produção artística, a crítica e a vida das formas na arte contemporânea? 

Os integrantes da publicação são: Cadu & Francisco Dalcol;  Túlio Pinto & Caroline Menezes; Rodrigo Braga / Bruna Fetter; Distruktur (Gustavo Jahn e Melissa Dullius) & Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz; Karim Aïnouz & Sérgio Martins; Vivian Caccuri & Júlio Martins; Denis Rodriguez / Leonardo Remor & Rosana Pinheiro-Machado; Paulo Nazareth & Cristina Ribas; Letícia Ramos & Ivair Reinaldim; Areal (André Severo e Maria Helena Bernardes) & Cristiana Tejo.



November 28th, 2015


28.11 - 20h
In the traveler´s heart

Möckernstraße 72 10965 Berlin

+ info
Facebook Event


2.12 - 20h
Triangulum + Cat Effekt + In the traveler´s heart

SPEKTRUM | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin

+ info

Facebook Event


22.10 - 19.12
5 truly false clues (prologue to the film Éternau)

Kurfürstenstraße 21-22
10785 Berlin
Do + Fr / Thu + Fri / Qui + Sex 16.00–19.00
Sa 14.00–18.00

+ info

Facebook Event


October 10th, 2015

In April we were invited by Bernardo Zanotta and the FYI team (Joost Wierenga, EN Konstantinova, Adina Tallberg) for a performance and lecture in the Minerva Academie in Groningen, Holland.
Check out this short video documentation by Joost Wierenga.




October 10th, 2015

Projektionen im kunstraum t27


October-December 2015
Press release

October-December 2015
São Paulo


October 1st, 2015

19o. Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc Videobrasil | Panoramas do Sul

IN THE TRAVELER´S HEART vai ser projetado semanalmente como parte do Programa de Filmes do festival, ao longo dos dois meses de exposição. Estas exibições acontecerão tanto no teatro do Sesc Pompeia quanto no Galpão VB, a nova instalação da Associação Cultural Videobrasil, localizada na Vila Leopoldina, em SP.

IN THE TRAVELER´S HEART, junto com mais quatro vídeos, constitui o programa intitulado FRICÇÕES.
Por favor, confira abaixo a disposição completa dos programas:

Programa #3 – Fricções
VIKTORIJA RYBAKOVA (Lituânia) – “Oo, a preview”, 2013. 3’30”
ANA VAZ (Brasil) – “A Idade da Pedra”, 2013. 29’
CHULAYARNNON SIRIPHOL (Tailândia) – “Myth of Modernity”, 2014. 16’
DISTRUKTUR [Gustavo Jahn e Melissa Dullius] (Brasil/Alemanha) – “In the traveler's heart”, 2013. 19’
LETÍCIA RAMOS (Brazil) – “VOSTOK _screening”, 2014. 8’



21h30 - Programa #3

16h15 - Programa #3

15h40 - Programa #3



Programa de Filmes - A
19h00 - Programa #3 + Gabriel Abrantes
Sesc Pompeia | Teatro
15/OUT (quinta), 29/OUT (quinta), 12/NOV (quinta), 26/NOV (quinta) e 02/DEZ (quarta)
Galpão VB: 20/OUT (terça), 03/NOV (terça), 17/NOV (terça) e 01/DEZ (terça)
Programa de Filmes - B
16h30 - Gabriel Abrantes + Programa #3
Sesc Pompeia | Teatro: 22/OUT (quinta), 05/NOV (quinta), 19/NOV (quinta), 01/DEZ (terça) e 03/DEZ (quinta)
Galpão VB: 13/OUT (terça), 27/OUT (terça), 10/NOV (terça), 24/NOV (terça)


September 20th, 2015

Distruktur in spanish TV.
From 29 minutes 40 seconds to the end
To watch Programa Metrópolis click on the screenshot below.



"En las ficciones creadas por Distruktur (Melissa Dullius y Gustavo Jahn) el montaje es un elemento fundamental, ya sea en sus películas en 16mm como In the Traveler’s Heart (2013), ya sea en sus performances de cine expandido como Éternau Alterstereo (2011-2014) que cerró el (S8) 2015."


June 10th, 2015


PDF Festival Catalogue

(...)É aquí entón onde entran as formas e os patróns. O que une a un país tan extenso é precisamente o chan que pisa, invadido por mosaicos ondeantes que, do mesmo xeito que a capital que se construíron –Brasília, intento de modelar desde cero a súa identidade en formigón– , proba a capacidade do brasileiro de atopar plasticidade no ríxido. Así, o nome dun dos programas deste ano dedicado aos novos cineastas brasileiros, Paraíso do Concreto, resume o que convoca a programación do (S8) este ano: desde estes novos cineastas, ao repaso da vangarda brasileira histórica de Vexa ou Brasil, o cineasta paulista Marcos Bertoni na súa defensa da reciclaxe e o super 8 atopado entre o que a cidade refuga, a construción da identidade a través da propia memoria de Paula Gaitán e o retrofuturo que sinala Distruktur, o dúo brasileiro residente en Berlín (cidade que se tivo que reinventar e reconstruír). (...)

Y para calentar motores os dejamos con este pedazo video resumen de lo que será a a partir de este domingo 31 de Mayo la 6ª edición del (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2015, que nos invita a cruzar el charco en un biplano de 1928 para descubrir "O paraíso do Concreto".
Realizado por nuestro compañero Marcos Flórez que además incluye una animación Elena Duque y partes de su pieza "La mar salada".


May 28th, 2015

directors lounge monthly screenings
perspectives – on moving
Distruktur – Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn

english version below

Ein Programm mit Kurzfilmen des in Berlin lebenden brasilianischen Künstler-Paares, Melissa Dullius und Gustavo Jahn, mit einigen neuen und selten zu sehenden Filmen.
Distruktur, das sind Dullius und Jahn, besetzen einen fluktuierenden Raum zwischen dem großen und dem kleinen Kino. Sie arbeiten konsequent mit analogem Film, bei der Aufnahme und entwickeln die meisten Filme selbst. Dabei erzeugen ihre Filme einen kinematischen Raum, der sich vom Gewohnten absetzt, obwohl sie ihre Szenen oder Filmsets meist im alltäglichen Leben verorten.

Die Filme können als experimentell-erzählerisch bezeichnet werden, da sie mit Skript und Schauspielers arbeiten, und da auch Kostüme oder Kleidung eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Und, beide Künstler erscheinen regelmäßig als Darsteller in ihren eigenen Filmen. Dennoch vermeiden sie gänzlich die konventionelle Dramaturgie des Mainstream und auch seine psychologischen Realismen, die meist in Richtung Melodrama führen. Der Film „Abril“ (2002, Berlin Premiere) zum Beispiel scheint in einer längeren Passage ein direktes Zitat von Maya Derens „Meshes of the Afternoon“ zu sein. Abril ist ein früher Film aus der Zeit als Melissa und Gustavo im Kollektiv „Sendero Filmes“ in Porto Alegre in Brasilien zusammen arbeiteten, aber noch nicht als Regisseur-Duo. Der in der Mitte des Films aufscheinende Moment des Mysterium oder von Trance entschwindet jedoch wieder kurze Zeit später, so als ob nichts passiert wäre, oder wie wenn er nur Erinnerung wäre, eine Erinnerung, die bleibt aber nicht in rationaler Weise zu erklären ist.

Die Zeit erscheint als mehrdeutig in den Filmen des Regisseur-Duos. Obwohl beispielsweise Triangulum (2008) und Time Machine (2015, deutsche Premiere) in der Zukunft angesiedelt sind, wie der erzählende Text erklärt, macht das Setting beider Filme keine Referenzen an Science Fiction Filme. Die aktive Handlung oder die Action versucht nicht eine mögliche Zukunft zu imitieren, und die erzählende Zeit könnte in der Vergangenheit, der Gegenwart oder Zukunft liegen. Schauen wir als Zuschauer in die Zukunft? Oder schauen wir aus der Zukunft zurück in die Gegenwart oder in die Vergangenheit? Diese Ambiguität der erzählerischen Zeit gibt dem Film Triangulum, der in Kairo und Alexandria gedreht wurde, zudem eine interessante zeitgenössische Perspektive. Mit dem Hintergrund des sich erst vor kurzem ereigneten „Arabischen Frühlings“, der gewalttätigen politischen Veränderungen in Ägypten und den neuesten Kriegen im Nahen Osten einerseits – und der verbreiteten Sehnsucht nach dem Orient, die noch vor kurzem im Westen vorherrschte, hat der Film eine überraschende Aktualität.

Durch die Möglichkeit, die Filme zusammen in einem Programm zu sehen, wird es vielleicht noch interessanter, über die unterschiedlichen Aspekte von Zeit in den Filmen von Distruktur nachzudenken, zumal Melissa und Gustavo vor kurzem zwei Filme realisiert haben, die man in der Vergangenheit ansiedeln könnte. Nicht in einer konkreten historischen Vergangenheit, aber in der Vergangenheit der Mythen. „Don't Look Back/ Labirinto“ (2012) wurde in Berlin gedreht und bezieht sich auf den antiken Stoff de Orpheus; während „In the Traveler's Heart“ (2013), der in Nida, in Litauen gedreht wurde, einen Protagonisten (und sein Schatten oder Double) präsentiert, der aus einer frühen Zeit des indigenen Südamerikas zu stammen scheint. In beiden Filmen, jedoch, erzeugen die jeweilige erzählte Zeit keine realistische Story. Zeit läuft hier nicht kontinuierlich wie ein Uhrwerk, oder gemäß einer Zeitschiene. Noch scheint es eine Art Traumzeit zu sein. Die Bilder dagegen muten sowohl zeitgenössisch an, als auch zeitlos, ohne konkrete Zeit.

Diese Vieldeutigkeit der Zeit, des Raumes und der Erzählung, die das Künstlerpaar kreieren, zusammen mit dem atmosphärischen Bild des handentwickelten analogen Films erzeugen eine unverwechselbare Erfahrung für den Zuschauer mit vielen Möglichkeiten der eigenen Interpretation.

Die Filme werden teils als 16mm Film und teils als Video projiziert. Die Künstler sind zur Einführung und Diskussion anwesend. Kuratiert von Klaus W. Eisenlohr.


Abril | Brazil | 12:23min | 2002
Triangulum | Egypt, Germany, Brazil | 22min | 2008
Time Machine | Brazil, Germany | 5:15min | 2015
Don't Look Back/ Labirinto | 16mm | Germany | 6min | 2012
In the Traveler's Heart | 16mm | Lithuania, Germany, Brazil | 20min | 2013


Donnerstag / Thursday, 28. Mai 2015
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte


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directors lounge monthly screenings
distruktur —
melissa dullius & gustavo jahn
perspectives — on moving

A program of shorts by the artist couple Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn with some new and rare films. Distruktur – Dullius and Jahn – claim a space fluctuating somewhere between the big and small cinema. Consequently working with analogue film while shooting and mostly also developing their own material, their films seem to create a kinematic time-space that is distinct from the ordinary even though they often use film settings of daily life.

The films could be described as experimental-narrative, as they use script, actors and often costumes. Also, both artists frequently appear as protagonists of their own film, but they avoid the conventional dramaturgy of mainstream and its psychological realism that mostly leads to melodrama. The film “Abril (2002)”, for example, in some short scenes seems to be a direct quote of Maya Deren's “Meshes of the Afternoon”. It is an early film, from the time when Melissa and Gustavo were not working together as directors and which has not been shown in Berlin, yet. The moment of “trance” – or mystery - though vanishes and becomes resolved in a way as it had not really happened, as it has been just a memory that stays but cannot be explained in rational ways.

Time seems to be ambiguous in the movies of the director duo. Even though Triangulum (2008) and Time Machine (2015) are set “in the future” as the narrated texts explain, they make no direct references to science fiction movies. The action does not pretend to be from the future, but the time of the narrative could be either the past, the present or the future. Are we looking into the future, or looking back from the future to the past, to the present?

This ambiguity gives the film Triangulum, which is set and was shot in Cairo and Alexandria, an interesting contemporary perspective. With the background of the more recent “Arabic Spring”, the radical political movements in Egypt and the wars in Near East on one hand and the longing for a mythical Orient on the other hand, which was prevalent in the West not so long ago, the film has a surprising actuality.

Given the opportunity to watch this whole program of shorts, it will be even more interesting to think about the different aspects of time and the narrative references in the films, as Melissa and Gustavo have more recently created films that could be placed in the past. Not in any exact historical past, but in a past of myths. “Don't Look Back ? Labirinto”(2012) has been filmed in Berlin and obviously references the antique theme of Orpheus, while “In the Traveler's Heart”(2013) was shot in Nida, Lithuania and seems to present a protagonist from an ancient indigenous Latin American background, and their double or alter ego, who almost looks the same. However, the narrative time of both do not try to create a realistic story. Time does not seem to proceed as a clockwork, or on a narrative timeline, nor does it seem to be out of a dream. The image appears to be contemporary and timeless at the same time. These interesting ambiguities of time, space and narrative the artist couple is creating, together with the atmospheric image of hand processed analogue film makes a unique viewing experience with many possibilities of interpretation.


Directors Lounge Screening | Thursday, 28 May 2015 | Berlin

(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico | 3-7 June | A Coruña


April 30th, 2015

Filmesperformance is the title of the series of shows by Distruktur that characterize by the presence of the authors during the moment of projection.
This presence can influence and affect the projection in different ways: mainly through the production of sound simultaneously to the film projection – music, text, noise – but also altering the image itself, through the manipulation of the projectors. The idea of something unrepeatable gains here another dimension, as it’s not only the live act that can’t not be fully repeated, but the films itself are mainly work-in-progress projects, fuelled by the authors’ constant production and therefore concretely changing each time they are exhibited, either through a new cut or through new images and sounds that enter each film’s constellation.



20h Doors open

Opening Film
20 min, 16mm, optical sound, 2013

"Blessed is the one who waits in the traveler's heart for his turning."
(L. Cohen, Poem 50)



3 min, 16mm, live music, 2012-2015
Erik Haegert (synth, voice) - Gustavo Jahn (guitar) - Melissa Dullius (voice)

Bitter taste gives sweet feeling.


30 min, 16mm, work-in-progress since 2011, live sounds and music

Eric Menard (voice) - Gustavo Jahn (guitar, synth) - Melissa Dullius (percussion, voice, synth)

Who has years to listen to the voice of stones?


6 min, 16mm, live music, 2015
Amelie Legrand (cello) - Tatsumi Ryusui (guitar effects)

A night walk in four movements.


PRETO E BRANCO (Black and White)
10 min, 2 x 16mm, live music, 2015
Chatschatur Kanajan (violin)

"The images that pass on the retina in my eyes—why won’t you set?
You pass like crystalline waters through a fountain to never again."
(Camilo Pessanha, Clepsydra)


9 min, 2 x 16mm, live music, 2015
Erik Haegert (synth) - Gustavo Jahn (guitar) - Melissa Dullius (voice)

A constant flow caused by an electric-maritime stream that crosses bodies, minds and spaces.


April 30th (Thu) Doors 20:00

Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus 2.OG
12059 Berlin Neukölln

Eintritt 7€

Facebook Event

Program Booklet (PDF)



April 9 - 10th, 2015

April 20th, 2015
Filmmaker's Choice - Kino Arsenal | BERLIN

April 30th, 2015


January 10th, 2015


September 1st, 2014


Continuing the collaboration that began in 2012 with Perspective Matters, we have once more teamed up with ensemble mosaik and Thomas Fiedler (Kommando Himmelfahrt) for transduction, premiered recently as part of 47. Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik. The photographs below were made during the final rehearsal and the concert in Darmstadt in August 11th.

transduction – ein installatives Konzertprojekt will happen in Berlin on September 3rd and 4th in the nightclub Berghain.

- Clemens Gadenstätter: Sad Songs (2012) ©Distruktur


- Mark Barden: viscosity (2014)


Mauro Lanza and Andrea Valle: Regnum vegetabile (2014) (WP)

ensemble mosaik
Bettina Junge, flute / Simon Strasser, oboe / Christian Vogel, clarinet / Martin Losert, saxophone / Ernst Surberg, piano / Roland Neffe, percussion / Adrian Pereyra, guitar / Chatschatur Kanajan, violin / Karen Lorenz, viola / Mathis Mayr, cello / Arne Vierck, sound director

Films, photography
Distruktur - Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn
Artistic Directors: Thomas Fiedler and Bettina Junge
Production: ensemble Mosaik
Co-production: Internationalen Musikinstitut Darmstadt
Funding: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

RSVP in Facebook
September 3rd
September 4th

More information


May 17th, 2014


Please join us for a very special evening this saturday

Photography Exhibition by Aljona Wolfson
Special Guests Music + Performance + Film

Distruktur will present ÉTERNAU ALTERSTEREO


March 26th, 2014

LaborBerlin e.V
was invited by Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam to present a program within the frame of The 9 LABS project. The series showcase DIY analogue film labs culture from all around the world.
So we packed the film cans, guitar, moog and microphone and took a train to Rotterdam to represent the lab and to perform live. Filmwerkplaats is located in a cultural complex called WORM in the center of the city.
Joining forces with WORM´s projectionist and our hosts, the members of Filmwerkplaats, we accomplished a demanding setup: 4 x 16mm projectors, beamer, soundsystem and multiple screens. The program had video, 16mm, single and multiple projections and a filmperformance.
Distruktur screened FOTOKINO and closed the evening performing FILME DE PEDRA with live sounds and music.

Filmwerkplaats presents LaborBerlin e.V // 9 LABS part II
Terror Sounds (Jakob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado)
Pan + 6 (Andreas Kebschull & Andreas Zech)
Pas a Pas (Sophie Watzlawick)
Lucile´s ghosts on Atlas top, Bruxelles (Guillaume Cailleau)
Awe Shocks (Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez M.)
Fotokino (Distruktur)
Sexual Chemistry (Imogen Heath)
TBI XS (Sadashivam Rao)
Schleusenroth (Volga)
Abdou´s dread in Teatro Argentina, Roma (Guillaume Cailleau)
Blinder Fleck (Björn Speidel)
Action! Camera. (Pjönghwa Kim)
Studie zur Farbe (Lucas Maia)
Ritournelle (Christopher Becks)
Filme de Pedra (Distruktur)

Pics by Florian Cramer
find more pictures of the event HERE


March 1st, 2014


We were invited by Valentina Cipullo to show our fanzine # 1 at the group exhibition DUPLICATUM.

One non-itinerant exhibition, taking place in two locations.

A simultaneous reenactment displaying works by Lorenzo Bernet, BLEK, DISTRUKTUR (Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn), Daniele Milvio, Johnny Mullen, Matteo Nasini, Nicola Pecoraro, Igor Sovilj, Davide Stucchi.

An exhibition about issued, print related materials that fits in ONE small bag no bigger than 50x20x40cm - including handles and wheels.

Liquids in containers over 100ml will be distributed in occasion of the opening reception the 1st of March, 7pm, c/o Vesselroom Project, Adalbertstr. 4, Berlin and from the 3rd trough the 22nd of March in 15 Rue Keller, Paris.

DUPLICATUM is curated by Valentina Cipullo and takes part in #1 Vesselroom Project, Berlin.

3 – 22 March 2014
Opening Reception
Saturday, 1 March 2014, 7pm

Vesselroom Project
Adalbertstr. 4
10999 – Berlin

Opening Hours
Wed – Fri 2-6pm
Sat 3-6pm


15 Rue Keller
75011 – Paris, France
Open by appointment only:


January 20th, 2014

We are happy to invite you to the Berlin premiere of two of our films on coming sunday, January 26th at 8 pm.

The first film in the program, In the Traveler's Heart , was shot last winter in Lithuania, during an artist residency at the Nida Art Colony. The film was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius with support of Goethe Institut Vilnius and took part at the group exhibition Ritual Room in April 2013.
'In the traveler´s heart' received recently an Honourable Mention of the Jury at Festival de Cinema de Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal and was screened at the Onde section of the Torino Film Festival in Italy.



The second half of the program is the presentation of the mineral odissey In the Traveler's Heart . The film was shot in and around Berlin and in Florianópolis - Brazil, featuring stones from all over the world. Although some excerpts of 'Filme de Pedra' have been exhibited in Berlin and São Paulo, what expects you on sunday is beyond preview and synopsis.
'Filme de Pedra' was entirely processed and copied by hand in LaborBerlin e.V.
During the projection of 'Filme de Pedra' sounds and music will be performed live.





In the Traveler's Heart

Lithuania/Germany/Brazil - 2013, 16mm, colour, sound, 20min
Directed by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
Synopsis: The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape. In this place there's also another presence, someone who's very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?


Filme de Pedra

Germany/Brazil - 2014, 16mm, B&W, live sounds, 20min
Directed by Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius
Synopsis: Who has ears to listen to the voice of stones?


Jan 26th 2014 - Sunday - 8 pm
Admission 7€ / 5€

Territory for experimental music, performance and art
Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin

Facebook event



November 14th, 2013

After its première in the International Competition of VI Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife we are happy to announce the next destinations of our film In the traveler´s heart:

November 27th in Semana dos Realizadores, Rio de Janeiro
November 30th in 31st Torino Film Festival - Waves
December in 17th Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira


October 25th, 2013

Distruktur @ Künstlerinnenprogramm in Kino Arsenal


A man and a woman in a cargo ship trip.
A city portrayed through its empty grounds and construction spots.
A room inhabited by a couple and an angel.

The filmperformance prepared for Kino Arsenal consists of a double 16mm projection with live sounds: voice, music and noise.

Picture by Oscar de Gispert

Fluxus et Refluxus
October 26th - Sat
Kino 2

The presentation will happen within the frame of Künstlerinnenprogramm. Kino Arsenal will be showing -from october 24th to 27th- works by those awarded funding in the last two years of the Berlin Cultural Affairs Department's Female Artists' Program.
More info about Künstlerinnenprogamm in Arsenal´s website.


September 3rd, 2013

Don´t Look Back/Labirinto will be screened in Spain in September as part of the show La Pantalla Híbrida curated by Andrea Franco.

"The court of Fundación Luis Seoane will be hosting this program. This particular space, squared and air-opened, breaks for a start, with the usual way in which cinema is exhibited at the museum. The visitor who arrives to a film piece showing in an art center, bumps into a running screening, (sometimes) watches until the end, and eventually waits for a repeated image that points the beginning –his own beginning.
This session, despite including several works conceived to be screened in that erratic and interrupted manner, will have a fixed start and end, as they would be seen if they were shown in a movie theater.
The projection will commence around 9.30 pm, with the last minutes of daylight; sunset will darken the court slowly, for covering it almost with total darkness by the end of the session. As time goes by, the white cube will turn a black box; what we first saw as a museum object will now look like a movie; the spectators will attend a changing experience and will feel a strange perception in front of that artifact they are looking at, which is not a film, nor an installation, nor a museum object, but the three of them." Andrea Franco

Film Program in PDF format


July 21st, 2013

On the last week of June we went to Porto Alegre, south Brazil, to be part of Cine Esquema Novo Expandido, a special edition of the film festival also known as CEN.

To announce a change in their profile -CEN will become biennial and show moving image works not only in the cinema but also in art spaces-, the festival curators invited a selection of brazilian filmmakers that have been part of the festival since its beginning, in 2003, to show works in different forms of presentation. As a special international guest William Raban brought his works to Porto Alegre.

Distruktur presented a program with the films Éternau, Triangulum and Cat Effekt. In the same day, at Santander Cultural, the live cinema project Navigation premièred, followed by a conversation with the audience. Finally, in a group show at Galeria Ecarta, the film installation Lux Interior was presented.

Lux Interior by Distruktur at Galeria Ecarta
pics by Roberto Vinicius

Please follow the links to the CEN-E website for two texts about Distruktur, in portuguese only.

Gustavo Jahn, Morgana Rissinger and Melissa Dullius at Cine Santander Cultural
pics by Roberto Vinicius


July 9th, 2013

Distruktur's one hour long 16mm film roll Navigation had its second projection at the Taking Liberties Fashion Installation at EXIT. Designs by Juan Chamié, Music by Hyenaz, film by Distruktur.

Great place, great people!

Pics by Joe Kake


Video doc by Emerson Pingarilho


June 29th, 2013

We have been working again with our friend Jonas Poppe, and his new band OUM SHATT.

Power to the Women of the Morning Shift
Music Video
Music by OUM SHATT
Image by Distruktur

Watch out for OUM SHATT´S EP release in august!

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