Oráculo in Kino Arsenal


The second feature film of Distruktur will be screened in Kino Arsenal 1 on December 15th, Friday, at 9 pm.

It is a single opportunity to see the film on the big screen, ideal situation to see this contemplative, slow paced cinematographic experience.

Followed by a conversation with Melissa Dullius and Gustavo De Mattos Jahn


With Juarez Nunes, Alice Bennaton, Fernando Goulart Jahn, Aline Maya, Luana Raiter

Script, Direction, Production: Distruktur (Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn) / Cinematography, Sound, Editing: Gustavo de Mattos Jahn / Assistance: Diego Canarin, Pedro MC, Reno Caramori Filho, Oriol Sánchez / Sound Mix by Benoît Héry / Music: Fernando Seixlack / Sonsdecura and others


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