September 3rd, 2013

Don´t Look Back/Labirinto will be screened in Spain in September as part of the show La Pantalla Híbrida curated by Andrea Franco.

"The court of Fundación Luis Seoane will be hosting this program. This particular space, squared and air-opened, breaks for a start, with the usual way in which cinema is exhibited at the museum. The visitor who arrives to a film piece showing in an art center, bumps into a running screening, (sometimes) watches until the end, and eventually waits for a repeated image that points the beginning –his own beginning.
This session, despite including several works conceived to be screened in that erratic and interrupted manner, will have a fixed start and end, as they would be seen if they were shown in a movie theater.
The projection will commence around 9.30 pm, with the last minutes of daylight; sunset will darken the court slowly, for covering it almost with total darkness by the end of the session. As time goes by, the white cube will turn a black box; what we first saw as a museum object will now look like a movie; the spectators will attend a changing experience and will feel a strange perception in front of that artifact they are looking at, which is not a film, nor an installation, nor a museum object, but the three of them." Andrea Franco

Film Program in PDF format