July 24th, 2017.

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July 7th to 23rd, 2017.

an exhibition by Distruktur at Cafuné
Innstraße 32 - 12045 - Berlin-Neukölln

Exhibition view (main space) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur

Exhibition view (basement) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur

Exhibition view (darkroom) © 2017 Cafuné / Distruktur


Sunday, July 23th 2017

18h30 - 21h

the exhibition will be open to visitation for the last time, the artists will be present


Filmperformance: 2x16mm, live music, ca.15 min

Navegação (Navigation) is a rock concert accompanied by a flow of images. Two 16mm projectors, filters, music instruments, voice and noise.
A ship sailing over a sea of shapes, colors and textures - a moving body.

All footage was shot on 16mm and processed and printed by Distruktur at LaborBerin e.V.
Tests, home and voyage movies, animations and fragments are combined reflecting different aspects of an experimental research on analogue film techniques.

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3rd week / time flies

Wednesday, July 19th' 2017.


Thursday, July 13th' 2017

a Distruktur film program
in the occasion of FRAMIN’


the exhibition will be open to visitation one hour longer, the artists will be present


Video projection


16mm transferred to video | Russia, Germany, Brazil | 40min | 2011
A woman goes alone through the streets of Moscow, getting on and off subway trains and underground passages on her way to a meeting that includes a screening of a film about a cat. And that's it; or so it is for those who believe the plot is the best part of cinema. The Jahn-Dullius duet makes an enigmatic film between abstraction and trance. Because as they search for that visual purity that's historically connected to experimental cinema--equally far from theatrical as from the written word-- they leave one thing clear: cinema is all about images.



16mm projection


16mm | optical sound | Germany | 6min | 2012
Don´t Look Back is an exercise on repetition and a study on the changes that are perceived by the systematic return to the same environment.
Scrambling time and space: a path that begins at its end or in the middle. A force that manifests itself in 3 different forms, in the bodies of 3 different women.


16mm | optical sound | Lithuania, Germany, Brazil | 20min | 2013
The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape.
In this place there's also another presence, someone who's very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?


16mm | Silent | Germany | 2min30s | 2013
FOTOKINO is a transposition of 35mm slides, taken by the filmmakers during a period of 10 years, into 16mm film.

In the traveler's heart, 2013, 16mm frame, © Distruktur


July 7th, 2017.

exhibition opening

The exhibition happens as an ocuppation where the artist duo Distruktur moves temporarily to Cafuné to install a series of works that experiment with ways of framing - strategies to capture, reproduce and amplify layers of space and time.

The works, produced over the last 10 years, take form as slide and film projections, light installations, film sculptures, objects and filmesperformance.
Reenacment of life blends with fictional realities in collages and assemblages that oscilate between figurative and abstract, ethereal and concrete, image(s) and narrative(s).
Frames are spacetime capsules, in which experience is inlayed.
Frames migrate from one medium to another, transforming themselves and the space around them.

Friday, July 7th, 20017 - Opening

July 23rd Finissage with Filmesperformance

More about the events and works at the exhibition will be updated here.